They Say My Vacuum Is The Best!


“They say my vacuum is the best”. We hear this all the time in the store and we ask–“who says?” This is usually followed by a pause and the gears turning in the customers brain. The reply is “the guy on TV.” What other brands does he sell? Any? NO ! Of course he will say his is the best. His pay check depends upon it. So why do consumers believe this true ? Well it’s like throwing mud at the wall. If you throw enough repeatedly some sticks. That percentage is the consumer going out to purchase what they believe is the best vacuum in the world. Then because so much of the money tied up in making this machine is in the advertising and not in the machine they are surprised to be in our stores for repairs. Now don’t get me wrong—all vacuum brands get repairs but some have a higher repair rate  than others for major repairs. I am not talking about belts and filters but poor quality plastics and parts.  Who should you believe?? The guy on TV selling one brand or the small business vac shop owners who sell many brands and fix all brands? Your best bet is the owner of a Vac shop. We don’t want to sell you a vacuum that we know has a high problem rate–we live here in your community. The guy on TV will never have to face you. Simply put– we want you happy with your purchase and our business.  Mr TV could care less.




















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