After the Egg Hunts…

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The egg hunts are over and the candy is almost gone. Now it is time to pull out your vacuum and vacuum up the Easter grass…….WAIT! If you use the cellophane Easter grass it is plastic and the heat of the vacuum agitator will melt the grass that gets into the end caps of your  agitator(roller bar). It will melt your  cap ends and bearings and next thing you know your belt is burning and the cap ends are melting. It stinks and costs you money. Save a nice piece of candy–like a peanut butter egg– and have a Easter grass hunt and clean up. The child who collects the most will get the treat! If not~~~~ we get the treat when we sell you the new agitator.

Now I lay me down to sleep?

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Do You know what is in those pillows we lay our heads on??!! Dust Mites–a zillion of them! That includes the mattress also. So get your vacuum out and use your hose and upholstery tool. Go over the pillows both sides and the mattress top and sides when you change your bed linen. Of course if you have a canister it will be easy to use the hose. If your uprights hose is to short you might want to consider getting a small bagged straight suction canister to use for this and other attachment cleaning. The bagless machines will blow those dust mites right out of the vacuums seams and back into your– Now I lay me down to sleep and please don’t let the dust mites make me sneeze!



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I will use the blog for vacuuming and cleaning tips for you and also keep up with whats new out there. Have a great spring!

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