Don’t wait!

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Just a simple reminder that it is best not to wait until all of your vacuums are malfunctioning. Bring them in as they break. This time of year the stores are crazy with repairs and the wait time will be longer than our usual quick service. This way you will have at least one at home that works!

How Often Should I Vacuum

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Allergy season is here! That means you should be vacuuming more. A lot of allergens come in on us, our pets ,open windows and opening doors. They settle right down on the bare floors, furniture and carpets. During allergy season you might want to add one more vacuum to you weekly schedule. So how much is the suggested amount of times to vacuum in a week? It is recommended that high traffic areas should be vacuumed 2×3 times a week. Remember it is the high traffic areas and shouldn’t take too long. Low traffic areas once a week. Frequent vacuuming is still the best way to keep your carpets clean and stay new looking longer.

Carpet Care What’s #1?

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VACUUMING! Frequently and thoroughly. Whenever we step on soiled carpet the dirt and debris works deeper into the carpet. Vacuuming frequently removes the debris before it can get down into the base of the carpet where it causes the most damage. An inexpensive vacuum may remove surface dirt but will not effectively remove deeper dirt. Your carpet is a big investment and worth prolonging it’s beauty with a quality vacuum that stands up to the industries higher standards.

Beat The Rush

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The holidays are fast approaching. Beat the rush and get your vacuum cleaned and refreshed and ready to work double duty. Our busiest time of the year is right after Christmas into March. There is always a longer wait to get your vacuum back then. Turn around times are short now!


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Have you ever pulled up a rug or lifted one to see a huge amount of fine sandy looking dirt?

That is something I believe we all have done. This debris can destroy your carpets and also be abrasive to the floor underneath. Using the right vacuum will greatly lessen this sandy dirt Using the right vacuum will extend the life of your carpets. This will also improve the air quality in you home. Not to mention it will just make you feel better knowing it is not there. Come in to see us to find out if you have the right vacuum for your flooring!

Check Your Research

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All HEPA filtration is not the same. Nor is any filtration. Just because a company makes a statement on filter efficiency doesn’t mean that efficiency will last. They are testing new filters. Not one that has been used for awhile. That is where the important numbers come in. How well does the filter efficiency last. . Most fail miserably. The better quality vacuum company that actually care about your air quality, continue to test after a few uses.

Keep up with Vacuum Service

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I am sure many of us are cooped up from the extra time living inside our houses. Vacuums are getting extra time of use. Our stores are usually very busy with vacuum repairs and cleaning this time of year. We have noticed even more this year with Covid restrictions. Make sure you keep your vacuum up to par and able to do it’s job before it breaks! Bring it in for a cleaning. It does make a difference and you will be happier with your floors looking better.


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With a great deal of this country’s population staying around their house the vacuum is getting a work out. More than usual. Now is the time to make sure your filters are very clean or replaced. For bag-less you can only wash or clean them so many times and the fine particles of dirt are still in there. If you have a bagged vacuum (the best for hygiene) don’t overfill your bag and step up to micron or HEPA filtered bags. It makes a big difference and worth the cost. Please stay safe and healthy.


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The winter months are very busy in the vacuum business world. Quite the opposite of most retailers. We can only attribute it to most of the country’s population is inside more when it is colder outside and we take notice of our flooring. Whatever the reason though, it is a great time to come in to get a really nice vacuum that is repairable in the future and not the usual “I am sorry there are not many parts available for that machine” that are found in big box stores or on TV.

The New Carpet!

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“Wow! The new carpet is super soft and feels great under the toes! However–I can barley move the vacuum on it.” Says the customer. Today’s super silky carpets are a challenge for vacuums. They will need a soft carpet machine with even higher height settings and a special bottom plate. Before you buy your new carpet take a sample home and try your vacuum first. If you just have to have the new silk type carpets or the ultra soft come on in we have vacuums that meet that challenge.

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