Robotic Vacuum Suggestions

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The Holiday’s are here and Robotic vacuums sell a great deal at this time. The are cute and conversational. It’s not like getting a real vacuum for Christmas right? Here are a few things you should consider because they are not inexpensive. They are best for bare floors. The brush underneath is a very soft brush. They are surface cleaners on rugs and do not take the place a a full powered vacuum. You should still use your full size vac between the robotics cleanings. The biggest concern for you to consider is that these companies do not put parts out for there machines except Miele. Unless your purchase a Miele robotic that means no service, batteries, chargers, testing, parts of any kind are available. This is the choice of the companies that manufacture them not ours. Unless  you purchase a German Miele. Then you will be happy because you will have after purchase service that you do not have to send away to a company for.

Beware Dirty Air

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Bagless vacuum filters are meant to be regularly cleaned and changed.  In fact changed is best. As soon as you turn on the machine all dust, dirt, mold, dander and debris collect in the container and then what is left over passes through the filters immediately starting to clog them up. Of course a huge amount of fine particles don’t even make it through these filters. They go right through the vacuums seams and into your lungs.

My point is–If you are not going to keep the filters clean you might as well put your face in the dust bin and take a deep breath. Not healthy is it? Neither is a bagless.

Deodorizing Your Furniture.

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We love talking to our customers and listening to their experience on cleaning and all things associated. I was talking with a gentleman a couple weeks ago and he purchased some scent to put in his vacuum. He has two dogs and they love the couch. The man did not like a popular furniture/carpet spray even though it works, because it is too strong of a scent for him.

What he does is put the scented laundry beads into a spray bottle with water and shakes it up after they dissolve. Make sure your spray bottle has a fine spray. You can add as little or as much as you want of the many scented beads to adjust the scent strength. I have tried it and it does work! You can  have the smell of your favorite laundry detergent or softener and all the other scents they have out there. Thanks for the idea!!



Vacuum Trends

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Like all things in life styling, decorating, clothes, cars, colors and appliances go through change and trends. I am always open for change but most changes in manufacturing of vacuums ( not to mention most items) have been not up to par. The trend today is battery operated vacuums. They do not have sufficient power for long. As soon as you take them off the charger the power starts to go down. They are good for quick pick up not deep cleaning. They also have many many problems with their chargers and batteries. However; there are quality battery operated machines out there. Just not in the Big Box store world. Another trend is the vacuum that has a long wand with a small motor up top and a small power head on the bottom. These again are good for quick pick up. They are not deep cleaners due to the poor design of the power-head, the bottom plate and the suction. When you feel the suction it is through the small diameter long wand and it feels strong. It is not dispersed correctly at the power foot making it insufficient for great cleaning unless you just have bare floor. The import vacuum world is using such brittle cheap plastic for most brands. I could go on  but I will end in saying-Visit your independent vacuum dealer. They offer a choice of better quality machines. Not pricier just better quality for the budget yo have in mind.


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In this day of customers posting reviews extra vigilance needs to be paid attention to before you hit the button to post. It can be detrimental to businesses if you get it wrong. Make sure you give the businesses the chance to make thing right first. Almost every business will! To give you an idea about posting to a wrong business– we recently had a 3 star review which we never have had. Well it turns out it was for a new store in Virginia( we are in Maryland) with a similar name that had just opened and not us. The customer said we had just opened (we have been in business over 35 years) and our machines were all over $300. Ours start at under $99. We know which store he was reviewing and asked him to change it. However it is still there. So Please make sure you have the right business locations before you review. Customers reviews matter greatly.


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Thousands of info commercial vacuums are sold constantly. Sure they look good on the paid commercial time. That is their job-to make the vacuum look like the best thing around! Remember that most money you spend on these machines are paying their millions in advertising. You need to check things out before you call or click buy. Are parts available for repairs locally? NO. Only some parts are released for these machines. Most major repairs you would have to send the vacuum back to them which is costly and timely. These companies unfortunately are not concerned with the after sale. By their choice they limit what parts vacuum shops can get to help YOU get your machine repaired. Call us first to ask which are the best for you.

Updating the Tools on Your Vacuum

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Take a look at your dust brush, furniture, floor and crevice tool on your vacuum. Are the brushes all worn, curled inward or just plain flattened out? A new vacuum would be great but sometimes just replacing the tools on your vacuum will make it an efficient cleaner again. Most are not expensive at all and better quality than what came with the vacuum in the first place. Stop by with your tools you want replaced!

Holiday’s and Glitter

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The Holidays are here! Our vacuums are getting a work out for sure. Ribbons, ornament hooks, paper pieces and Glitter, just to name a few. Glitter can be a problem to get out of carpet. It has electrostatic properties and likes to stick to some carpets. Besides the fact that it is very tiny! We have learned that if it doesn’t want to come up the first time-try reversing the direction of your vacuuming pattern. Also raise and lower the nozzle to see which works best. You have to have air flowing to un-glitter your carpets.

Happy Holiday’s To You All and a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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Today’s flooring in our homes have changed away from wall to wall carpet and more towards wood, composite, laminate, tile, cork and even burnished cements to name a few. When you use your vacuum on these types of floors you should not use any rotating power brush and use a straight suction floor brush. The softer the material you have on your floor the softer the brush should be. Floor brushes made with natural bristle or a mix of natural and synthetic for wood, cork and some laminates. These will not put scratches on softer finishes over time. On the opposite end, the harder the material on the floor the harder the brush should be. The synthetic brush material (usually nylon) work great for ceramic tiles and burnished cements. Releasing dirt in between the tiles and off of the cement. When in doubt which to use ,always use the softer brush.

The issue is that manufacturer’s do not consider what type of flooring you will have and package your vacuum with what they choose. You do not have to be stuck with the wrong brush. We carry many different types just for all the different types of floors in homes today. Protect one of your biggest investments inside your home–The flooring.

Don’t Wait For All Your Vacuums to Need Repair

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Get your vacuum fixed as it needs repair even when you have a back up. We all tend to just go to the back up Vac and then when that goes- emergency repair time! This goes for commercial cleaning companies also. Keep your machines running smoothly before they break down. Rather than bringing in 4 or 6 to repair at once and needing them Now. Of course we  do a great job getting your machines back to you very quickly even if you bring in just one or six.

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