Carpet Extractors and Cleaning Solutions

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We have all been stuck in the house more with our wintry weather and this results in pretty dirty carpets. The added traffic of the holidays behind us also has the carpets not looking fresh. Out come the extractors and into our store they come for repairs. One of the number one reason we see them in the store is because they are clogged and not putting solution out or sucking it back up. This can be avoided in most cases. First vacuum thoroughly to get up pet hairs and carpet fuzz. Next do not use too much cleaning solution. Not only does it adhere to your carpet and make it dirtier faster again it gets thick sitting in the tank. Add a heating element to this solution, if your extractor has one, and now more problems can arise. The chemical properties are altered some and you have more clogging of the lines. We have found some brands of solution do this more than others. Honestly you don’t need a heater on the unit. They don’t perform any better than one without. If you have a switch turn it off. Warm or hot tap water is all that is needed. If you can clean your carpets with just water and a little solution your carpets are better off for it. Use more solution but never more than recommended by the manufacturer for the heavy trafficked areas. We carry a Royal Extractor at a very reasonable price that does an extremely fine job in all these areas. Come see us or contact us for info.

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  1. Angela says:

    Thank you, Vacuum Store for the information on the carpet extraction machines, and the way to best use them. I have been doing it wrong for years! Not anymore!
    Very helpful post!

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