Smelly Stinky Vacuums.

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We all have one and all vacuums eventually get an odor. Most people think treating the carpet is the answer. It is not the only thing causing the smell. Also any fine powder you put on your carpet is bad for your vacuum and your lungs. Especially the bagless types. Powders clog the filters and the powder blows through any tiny opening in your vacuum and you and your children breath it in. The problem is the dirt that sits in your vacuum is causing the odor. So treating the vacuum is the answer. The plastics that most vacuums are made of will absorb the odor and take longer to get rid of if not treated . SO what can you do? There are plenty of treatments we carry. They are very economical starting at $3.75 to $9.99. And this is for Many applications not just one .Usually a tablespoon or two will do the trick. The selections of scents are many and varied.  It is hard to choose just one. The holiday scents are coming in now. All are made of biodegradable and environment friendly products.We even carry the essential oils and dry oil sprays for use .If you like floral , natural, clean ,fruity, spicy, bakery or berry scents to name a few there is one for you. There is even one called Man Cave! 🙂

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  1. Jeff says:

    I love the fruity smells, but don’t think I would like the smell of a man cave.

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