Vacations and Vacuums

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We recently got away for three days with 6 other couples. We rented a cabin and had a great time with golf, horseback riding ,cards and  games. Of course more than our share of great food! What does this have to do with Vacuums? We were in Canaan Valley, Davis WV in a great little shop called the Canaan Trading Co. The owners Mary and Ginny are very welcoming. In the corner I saw a Miele vacuum cleaner. Globally considered one of the best. This started a conversation where the owner of the vacuum knew as much as I did about the quality of exhaust that should come out of your vacuum. It is so important that a consumer knows the differences in filtration. NOT all HEPA’S are the same. Many are ineffective in removing particulates from the air. There is a difference in efficiency and effectiveness. Of course all of this is mute point if your vacuum leaks at the seams blowing out a” zillion” particulates! Hepa type(so so)- hepa(good) and S class Hepa (the Best) along with the engineering of the machine all go into having a clean exhaust or not. Ask questions of your vacuum sales person and know some of the answers your self before you shop. You will be a happy consumer if you are sure you have the best product for your money and you feel you had the knowledge to make the decision along with the help of your Vacuum Store person. This is why my new friend at the Canaan Trading Company is so happy with her vacuum she has had for years and suggested to many a person. She did her homework.


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